How to Record Beat Saber in 360 Degrees – Tutorial & Mod Download

Beat Saber 360

I’ve been uploading 360 videos in Youtube and VeeR. Some of those videos are from Beat Saber, the popular VR game.

I’ve received more messages, emails and comments than I expected asking me how to record Beat Saber in 360 degrees, so, I decided to share it to the community.

I didn’t it before because the way I found it’s the easiest way that I found to make 360 videos of Beat Saber but it’s not oriented at all as a new mod coded by me, it’s a quick modification of another one (CameraPlus, by Xyonico) and that was enough for me.


Hardware Specifications

With this mod, the window game resolution will be changed to 3240×2160 (3:2), so, you’ll need to be able to output the game in 4K (3840×2160) or greater resolution in your computer to get it done.

Beat Saber’s window game will have an aspect ratio of 3:2, giving an aspect ratio of 1:1 for each camera, in your (usually) 16:9 screen.

In order to create 360 videos, I have to use 6 cameras at the same time. That can be hardware demanding, so, I’ll put my hardware specifications because it’s the only computer where I tested it (and it worked fine).

Acer Predator 17 X Gaming Laptop – GX-792-77BL

Windows 10 Home
Intel® Core™ i7-7820HK processor Quad-core 2.90 GHz
17.3″ 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) 16:9 IPS
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 with 8 GB Dedicated Memory
1 TB HDD, 512 GB SSD

Software Specifications

Make sure you have installed the following programs below.
You will need:

Beat Saber Game
OBS Studio
After Effects 2018

If you don’t have installed ModAssistant, this mod will not work, you need to install it first to enable plugins and mods in Beat Saber.

Mod Download

Click here to download

Extract the zip file to your root Beat Saber folder.
Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Beat Saber

Now you should have the following files:



Beat Saber

In Beat Saber, go to Settings and adjust Fullscreen to OFF, and Non VR Resolution to 3840×2160.

Beat Saber 360 Settings

OBS Studio

Set Base(Canvas) Resolution and Output (Scaled) Resolution to


OBS Studio Settings 360 Recording

Recording Beat Saber in 360

Open Beat Saber

First of all, open Beat Saber, and be sure that it’s in windowed mode (doesn’t go fullscreen), and the window size has the correct size.

Sometimes you’ll need to open Beat Saber twice to get the window with the correct resolution.



This is a screenshot of my screen, with Beat Saber settings in windowed mode (Fullscreen OFF), in 4K, the game covers almost all the screen. This is NOT how it should be.
Close Beat Saber (and SteamVR too if you are in Steam) and open it again to fix it.

Windowed Mode at 3840×2160. Close and open Beat Saber again to fix it.


This is a screenshot of my screen, with Beat Saber settings in windowed mode (Fullscreen OFF), in 4K, the game leaves space at the sides. This is how it has to be.

Windowed Mode at 3240×2160

Open OBS Studio

You should have created before (or do it now) in OBS a scene, with a window capture source, capturing Beat Saber.exe

recording beat saber 360 in OBS Studio

If you already have it, you can push Start Recording and go to play Beat Saber while you are recording your gameplay. Record as long as you want, and after that, come back to do the last step 🙂

Facebook Cubemap to Equirectangular 360

When you’re done playing and stopped recording, you will have a video with 6 camera views as you seen in previous screenshots. This format is a Facebook Cubemap (3:2), 3 cameras in two rows, (left, right, up, down, front, back).

Even having this format, if you upload this video directly to Facebook, it will not be in 360 because there’s no metadata specifying to Facebook that it’s a cubemap 360 video.

Also, Youtube doesn’t recognizes this format, so, we need to convert from Facebook Cubemap to Equirectangular using After Effects.

After Effects VR Converter

  • Open After Effects
    • New Project
    • File / Import / New File
      • (Import the video file of your gameplay)
    • Composition / New Composition
      • Width: 3840 px , Height: 2160 px
    • Drag&Drop your gameplay video file to the new composition (usually named Comp 1)
    • Effect / Immersive Video / VR Converter
      • Input: Cube-map Facebook 3:2
      • Output: Equirectangular 16:9
After Effects Convert Beat Saber cubemap to equirectangular 360

Exporting video

  • Composition / Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue

Wait until Adobe Media Encoder opens, click on the name preset (usually Match Source – High Bitrate) and you’ll have to set the settings, bitrate, etc.

Settings that I use:

  • Render at Maximum Depth
  • Bitrate Encoding: VBR 2 pass
    • Target Bitrate: 67 Mbps
    • Maximum Bitrate: 70 Mbps
  • Video is VR
    • Monoscopic
      • Horizontal Field of View: 360
      • Vertical Field of View: 180
  • Use Maximum Render Quality


Push Enter to start encoding the video, and that’s it !

You’ll have your 360 video ready to go. You can upload the video to Youtube, Facebook, VeeR and wherever you want!

Moving the camera

You have 6 .cfg files, each one it’s for one camera.

cameraplusb.cfg (back)
cameraplusd.cfg (down)
cameraplusf.cfg (front)
cameraplusl.cfg (left)
cameraplusr.cfg (right)
cameraplusu.cfg (up)

You can modify those files with notepad or any other plain text editor. If you want to move the camera, you’ll have to edit those six files.

posx, posy, and posz has to be always the same in the six files.

If you want to rotate the front camera, you have to get this camera as the main reference to change the rest, for example:

If you want the front camera at angy = 10 , you’ll have to add 10 to the value angy in all the other files. Back angy value it will be 190 instead of 180, etc.

PS: Uhm! I have just seen a modification of CameraPlus, by Brian, that adds multiple cameras to the game, I think with a very little modification I could improve my way to record in 360 and use only one DLL instead of six using his mod.


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  • Guus de Kroon

    I have a 1920×1080 display, but i have a capable graphics card. Is there any way to still get 3:2 output, because beat saber does not show any of the 3:2 resolutions in the settings.

    Thanks for making this mod btw, it would be great if I could get it working 😉

    • Jordi Cor

      Short answer: Sorry, but you need 4K screen resolution.

      Long answer:
      You need 4K (3840×2160) resolution because it’s the minimum resolution to get a good video. Each camera in the cubemap it’s 1080×1080 , three cameras width = 3240 , two cameras height = 2160 , converting from 3240×2160 to 3840×2160 it’s OK in terms of resolution for a 360 video, but if it’s less than 4K, usually it’s too blurry.
      I use OBS Studio to record the output screen because can encode to mp4 using the GPU. I tried to save each frame from the game to disk and create a video after that and it’s slower (very laggy) than using OBS.

  • cesar

    Could this work with other games?

    • Jordi Cor

      not now, but maybe making some changes it could be.

  • Kenny

    Thanks for this great Plugin.

    Sadly I can’t get it run. I can only see one Video in my windowed mode and not 6 like in yours:
    Am I integrating the Plugin wrong?

    How do I have to export the ZIP? With or without the BeatSaber360-Folder? (I tried both, none works):
    Am I missing something? How do you get these 6 Splitscreens?

    Thanks in advance

  • charlie singer

    my beat saber wont go to 3840×2160. only to 3840x 1080

  • Charles

    I cant make my non vr beat saber 3240 by 2160 only 3240 by 1080 is what I can get

  • i have a 3840 x 1080 monitor i know it is smaller than the required resolution is there any way i could possibly record 360 but in lower quality?